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Founders Guiding Founders

Meet Your Hosts

Jim Coleman profile pic

Jim Coleman

Jim was previously a SaaS operations manager at a private equity firm. He oversaw operations and high-level growth initiatives across a portfolio of SaaS holdings.

Jim’s also a SaaS business owner and knows the SaaS world very well. He and David co-founded xFusion, which is an outsourcing company that helps startups scale support, back-office, and customer success functions.

More than anything, Jim loves engaging with people and is naturally curious. He enjoys peeling back the layers of the onion to learn more about the person behind the mission and what makes them tick.

He's also a family man and is passionate about adoption and generally serving those in developing countries.

Fuse - david tran profile pic

David Tran

David studied Computer Science at UC Berkeley. He was fascinated by the potential of both how broad and how deep one can go in the understanding the digital world. He then went on to become a software engineer at Uber & Salesforce.

In those companies, he spent time on internal tools, growth hacking, mobile apps, optimizing dispatch, and anti-fraud backend development. On the side, he manages a set of SaaS apps, and took what he & Jim learned there to build the foundations of xFusion.

Outside of work, he loves learning about entrepreneurship, psychology, investing, and personal development. His life goal is to inspire people to live abundant lives by creating free & high-quality content on the topics of personal & financial development.