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Excerpts from A Fireside Chat with Angela Castillo of HelloGuru

Angela Castillo is the co-founder of HelloGuru. She’s an executive with experience scaling hyper-growth companies, including Drift. HelloGuru offers No Code opportunity. Using her platform, people get to create custom
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Fadl Al Tarzi on Fuse

5 Takeaways from A Fireside Chat with Fadl Al Tarzi of Nexford University

Fadl is a serious joker who loves his family, food, and travel: he is passionate about entrepreneurship, education, and innovation… He decided to start NXU because; “lack of education is
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4 Success Tips From Fuse Interview with Henry Mascot of Curacel

Henry Mascot co-founded Curacel in 2017 and today, it enables insurers across multiple insurance verticals in Africa to automate claims and detect fraud using AI. Besides Curacel, Henry is an
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Fuse - Omar Hagrass of Trella Thumbnail

6 Tips for Startup Success from A Fireside Chat with Omar Hagrass of Trella

Omar Hagrass is an experienced launch and expansion manager with a proven track record of success.  He is the CEO and co-founder of Trella, a Cairo-based trucking marketplace. Omar describes
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