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EP. 188 A Fireside Chat with the Founder and CEO of Naborly - Dylan Lenz

Dylan is the Founder and CEO of Naborly, a next-generation credit bureau for the renting generation. Naborly has developed a new credit score and report that reduces the risk of eviction and default for landlords by 89% and helps tenants build credit with their rent payments and other subscription payments, helping the next generation of financial consumers show their true credibility and solve their systemic inequality that exists in the current credit reporting and scoring ecosystem.

Dylan founded Naborly in 2017. Their mission is to solve housing across North America by building a more equitable process and product-driven by innovation, inclusiveness, diversity, and doing what's suitable for people.

With Naborly, He set out to build a more comprehensive, multi-dimensional way to screen prospective tenants. While screening is a crucial feature, Their mission is to make a better credit bureau that serves landlords and tenants. One that is multi-dimensional - protecting the landlords from risk and empowering those with little to no credit to get access to housing. They are building a company that is already changing the fabric of society and the subsequent trajectory of our lives by impacting where we live, who our neighbors are, and our ability to access fair financial services.

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