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EP. 95 A Fireside Chat with the Founder of Spotivity - Montana Butsch

Montana Butsch is the founder of Spotivity, a double-sided marketplace that supports after-school programs to increase enrollment and participation rates and enables kids and their parents to make the best decisions about using time outside of school hours. Spotivity removes key logistical barriers to entry and promotes positive networking opportunities. This self-sustainable dynamic app will ultimately evolve into a lifestyle/social tool and grow in importance as the user ages.

Before Spotivity, Montana was the founder and CEO of significant sports non-profit organization which has served thousands of inner-city children in Chicago and who has formed extensive ties with Chicago business, philanthropy, and government leaders

In addition to Spotivity, Montana runs Thin Edge Consulting – a business support firm that focuses on Strategic Initiatives that create opportunities for outreach enterprises in intrepid and thoughtful ways. Through this work, Montana launched the Tech / No Evil annual summit to discuss how technology brings wide-ranging positive impacts to people on a massive scale.

Montana has appeared on CBS Nightly News, been featured in the NYTimes, has twice been interviewed on iHeartMedia, and was a 2017 TEDx speaker (IE University). Montana has an elite sporting background (is a member of Oxford University Boat Club, was a participant in the annual Oxford Vs. Cambridge Boat race, and was a National Team trialist) and was once a radio DJ.

As a dual national – US and UK – Montana spent his formative years between Chicago and the UK (Isle of Wight and London) and is married to a Spaniard and has two beautiful twins (Bella and Theo). Montana is a Founders Institute graduate, holds a BA from the University of Pennsylvania (PPE Major), an MBA from IE Brown, and has attended programs at Oxford University (read Education Research) and the Kellogg School of Management (Executive Leadership)

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