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EP. 2 - Thomas Guz - Creating a New Era of Flexible Use on Real Estate

We couldn't imagine a world where we could access a property in the same way as we get an Uber. What if we could extinguish the friction and access to furnished apartments in a few clicks?

Thomaz Guz is the founder and CEO of Nomah, a next-generation real estate technology company based in São Paulo, Brazil, that offers apartments for rent with flexible durations.

All apartments on the platform are fully furnished, uniquely designed, and tech-enabled, reducing any friction from the rental to the staying process. On the owner side, Nomah provides a full property management solution, generating revenue and ensuring higher profits than conventional rentals.

Its services have presented a surging demand, with a huge volume of new investors coming into the Brazilian residential-for-rent market.  Nomah was acquired by Loft in 2020, one of the 10 top proptechs in the world and the most valuable outside China and the US.

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