Some startup founders brush off podcast invitations, thinking it would only benefit the host and not their business. 

We understand the feeling, but it’s not correct.

While podcast hosts do benefit in many ways, there are many advantages for guests too.

So what’s all the fuss? Read on…  

Podcast guest appearances position you as an authority in your industry

Conversations on video are a fun opportunity to present yourself to potential customers and investors, giving you a chance to earn respect from them and leaders in your industry. Regular guest podcasting gives you a chance to be known, liked, and trusted.

Hearing you tell your story on shows makes a more significant impact on your audience than if they were reading about it on a blog post. Customers agree that it is more personable when viewers see and hear your story, making them more likely to subscribe to your newsletter, demo, and eventually make a purchase. 

You also have the ability to inspire by sharing your experiences, ideas, and knowledge to audiences without geographical limitations by guesting on podcasts. 

Meet Fuse Show host, David Tran

The people you inspire will become global advocates for your brand without you needing to push as hard with other (expensive) paid media options.

Free publicity for your brand

Podcasts are fast replacing mainstream radio, and that’s exciting because it provides numerous (often free) opportunities to evangelize your business compared to mainstream media. 

With this as an option, hassling for space in radio makes no financial sense for startups that can save the advertising budget for more pertinent issues. 

Best believe…guesting on podcasts creates indirect opportunities for building authority:

  • Public speaking 
  • YouTube appearances
  • Guest blogging
  • Guest hosting webinars and online courses

Grow your network

Guest appearing on podcasts is a chance to meet hosts, make new personal connections, and build your professional network. 

Meet Fuse Show host, Jim Coleman

Attract an audience for your own podcast

Making a guest appearance exposes you to a new group of potential fans of your own podcast.

People like following those that they think are approachable; who wants to be associated with someone who doesn’t seem interested?

Tapping into new audiences DEFINITELY broadens your circle of influence.

Increase sales for your brand

It makes sense to expect a boost in your brand’s sales from appearing on podcasts. After all, the media exposure should amount to something. 

We are extremely picky with the guests we invite to the show. We only invite those with valuable content to share with other startup founders. 

The founders we invite to a Fireside Chat on The Fuse Show are articulate and comfortable on camera.

We all agree that guest appearing on a podcast is a great business opportunity, but it’s not a good look to direct sell on the show.

Selling, like any relationship, isn’t something you can rush and expect good results. There are steps to take before selling to people, and on a podcast we recommend sharing about your business in a way that’s vulnerable and organic.

Content for many channels

One podcast recording equals killer content creation opportunities for multiple channels. Your host can choose from numerous channels for the original recording, and when recorded, there are unlimited ways to share content. It’s possible to share links to your episode in blog posts on your site. Sharing snippets on your social media channels is also a solid play.

It’s easier than guest blogging

More people prefer talking over writing and with good reason. It takes a long time to build great content, not forgetting that few people read a blog post to completion.

The best thing about guest podcasting is that the majority of viewers watch the full episode.

Producing podcasts is an expensive and time-consuming pursuit for the host. As the guest, all you need to do is say your piece!

How to be a good podcast guest

You might be itching to get on to your first podcast (that’s good confidence), but before that;

  • Make sure your tech is in order. There’s nothing more embarrassing than experiencing technical issues mid-interview 
  • Prep your environment. Move pets away and alert your family to avoid interruptions
  • Have water by your side so your throat doesn’t dry mid-call (plus it shows you’re comfortable)
  • Promote your show, leave reviews, comments, and make posts to promote your episode.

Wrap Up

Guest podcasting is king!

Startup founders should seriously consider investing in guest podcasting to capitalize on its benefits. It’s an awesome place to start if you’re hoping to start a show someday or broaden your reach.

Many podcasters are always looking for high-quality guests, including us. Feel free to reach out! We’d love to hear from you.